• World-class Jesuit retreat center
    Convent, Louisiana

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Welcome to Manresa House of Retreats in Convent, Louisiana!
Why do I need to make my retreat at Manresa? The 6,200 men who make their annual retreat at Manresa on the Mississippi could answer your question in a heartbeat. These men have come to understand and experience the value of removing themselves from the clamor and clutter of their daily life. It is these distractions that hinder each one of us from hearing God's individual message directed to us.

Your Retreat Master will guide you through a series of eleven 30 minute presentations that mirror the spiritual exercises and directions of Saint Ignatius. These presentations are vital to truly experiencing the retreat process. When coupled with the absolute adherence to an air of silence these events allow one to come into contact with their inner spirit and to hear the inspirations from the Lord.


Historic and picturesque buildings on the 130-acre campus date from the early 19th Century.

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An organized series of spiritual exercises put together by Ignatius of Loyola from his own experiences and that of others to whom he listened.

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The goal for your retreat is to make yourself completely open and available to the Lord.

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