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Manresa House of Retreats, located on the banks of the Mississippi River, is blessed with some of the most beautiful grounds that the South has to offer. Our property is lined with mature oak trees and flawless landscaping.
    St. Mary Hall
    St. Mary Hall is the primary housing complex on the Manresa campus. In 2004-2005, the facility underwent a major renovation, which included remodeled bathrooms and bedrooms for our retreatants.
      Loyola Hall
      Loyola Hall is where the retreatants attend the Spiritual Exercises presentations and conferences, and was constructed in 2000. The Blessed Peter Faber, S.J. Conference Room of Loyola Hall was designed expressly for the conference talks of the retreat.
        Sacred Heart Chapel
        Sacred Heart Chapel is where daily Mass is celebrated during retreats. The Chapel has undergone many recent renovations.
          St. Peter Canisius Hall
          The library is located in St. Peter Canisius Hall. This is where retreatants congregate when they first arrive for a retreat, and it is open throughout the retreat session.
            Xavier Hall
            Xavier Hall is home to the dining facility for Manresa House of Retreats, and extensive renovations were completed in 2014.
              Our Lady of Good Counsel Hall
              Our Lady of Good Counsel Hall was opened in 2013. It serves as the venue for individuals to meet privately with a Priest for confession or spiritual counseling. It also provides office space for our Priests.